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The Board has adopted a progressive dividend policy, intending to maintain or grow the dividend each year but, recognising that some earnings fluctuations are to be expected, the annual dividend will reflect the Board’s view of the earnings prospects over the entirety of the investment cycle.

The Board’s aim is to continue to strike a balance between the interests of the business, financial creditors and the Company’s shareholders. After providing for investment in the business, supporting the progressive dividend policy and maintaining a strong, investment-grade credit rating, the Board will keep under review potential investment in immediately earnings-accretive, value-enhancing opportunities.

公告 & payment of dividends

Dividends will normally be paid twice a year, with a greater proportion paid as a second interim.

  • First interim: announced with second quarter and half year results and paid in September
  • Second interim: announced with fourth quarter and full year results and paid in March

Dividend calculator & 历史

To calculate the value of your previous dividend payment, please use the dividend calculator.

Exchange rates

Exchange rates used to convert dividend payments, announced in 美元, 英镑 and 瑞典克朗 are based on the rates on the day prior to the dividend announcement.

Dividend questions

Please refer to the 股息常见问题解答 for common questions regarding dividend payments.

Most recent dividend announcement

The Second Interim Dividend for 2023 was announced on 8 February 2024.


Dividend dates



Ex dividend date


22 February 2024



23 February 2024

















*For holders of American Depositary Shares (ADSs) this equates to $0.985 / ADS.
Following the ratio change to the Company’s Nasdaq-listed sponsored Level 2 American Depositary Receipt programme on 27 July 2015, two ADSs equal one Ordinary Share.

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