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Driven by science, united by science

澳门葡京赌博游戏的目标是通过改善结果和提高生活质量来改变患者的生活, through more effective treatment and prevention, ultimately working toward a cure for some of the world’s most complex diseases.

We have a unique R&D culture where people with curious minds are inspired to think creatively. 与此同时,澳门葡京赌博游戏正在利用数据和技术来加快科学发展的步伐. It is a culture where people are able to work seamlessly and inclusively together, where all doors are open, talent and diversity are celebrated, and every voice is heard. In addition, 澳门葡京赌博游戏一直在向患有澳门葡京赌博游戏的药物治疗的疾病的人学习,这样澳门葡京赌博游戏就能了解他们的需求,并确保诞生于实验室的伟大科学能够真正改变他们的生活.



Our approach to R&D

The pace of change in healthcare is moving more rapidly than ever before. Our patient-centric culture, from discovery to clinical trials, treatment delivery, and beyond, 帮助澳门葡京赌博游戏实现把正确的药物给正确的病人的目标吗, faster than ever before. Within R&D, 澳门葡京赌博游戏通过激励有好奇心的人,继续帮助建立澳门葡京赌博游戏在科学领导方面的声誉, harnessing data and technology, working seamlessly and inclusively, and always learning from patients.

Focusing on quality, not quantity

Our drug discovery and development is guided by our 5R Framework, which champions quality over quantity, and has helped transform the culture of R&D and our business.

In the last decade, 澳门葡京赌博游戏在从临床前研究到完成III期临床试验的管道分子比例方面取得了近6倍的进步——从4%提高到23%. 这一改进使澳门葡京赌博游戏在2018-2020年的时间框架内远远高于目前14%的行业平均成功率.*

*In-house data (2017-2021) and Centre for Medicines Research (CMR), a subsidiary of Clarivate (2018-2020).  

Transformative science

澳门葡京赌博游戏从不自满于科学的发现和发展,总是推动澳门葡京赌博游戏的R&D productivity, searching for new knowledge and the next breakthrough.

Guided by our ‘Growth Through Innovation’ strategy, we are committed to investing in four areas, 这将有助于澳门葡京赌博游戏实现对疾病产生最大和最快影响的愿望:

Three organisations. One aim

We have three therapy-focused R&D组织领导澳门葡京赌博游戏所有的工作,从发现到后期开发. Oncology R&D is focused on cancer. BioPharmaceuticals R&D on Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) Respiratory and Immunology, Vaccines and Immune Therapies and opportunistically, Neuroscience. 

Rare Disease is focused on rare diseases across multiple therapy areas.

The three organisations work both independently and together, 共享功能,专注于从药物化学到生物识别的关键科学能力, patient safety to data science and artificial intelligence (AI), and clinical innovation to device technology. 所有这些都有助于澳门葡京赌博游戏加快发现和开发,努力将新药带给患者.

Our R&D groups are unified in their approach, 团结一致,为最需要的人提供改变生活的药物.

Keeping doors and our minds open

We know that however innovative our science is, however effective our medicines and delivery, to achieve all we want to achieve, we cannot do it alone. 解决医疗保健面临的所有问题,实现澳门葡京赌博游戏所渴望的科学突破, we need to work together, collaborating among ourselves and with others, bringing the best talent to bear on the toughest problems.

As a business, 澳门葡京赌博游戏的团队在创造开放的研究环境方面处于领先地位,超越了通常的合作模式, with academia, biotech companies, industry peers, healthcare systems and governments. We have over 2,澳门葡京赌博游戏相信它是变革潜力的强大源泉.


STEM – Empowering the next generation of science leaders

澳门葡京赌博游戏致力于培养下一代科学领袖,并激励男女学生, races and geographies to consider STEM careers in healthcare.

Making our science sustainable

We are a scientifically driven business with a strong global presence and as such, 相信澳门葡京赌博游戏有责任帮助改善人们的健康,并尽澳门葡京赌博游戏所能为地球的健康做出贡献.

Our approach to sustainability is built around three pillars:

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Collaborate with us

We know that however innovative our science, however effective our medicines and delivery, to achieve all we want to achieve, we cannot do it alone.

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Date of preparation: September 2022